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3.4.2. How do I take apart the Lisa?

Disconnect the power before working on the Lisa to prevent damage to it, or yourself*

Front Cover

  • Below the front cover are two thumb-sized detents. Press up on these to disengage the plastic latches, and you can swing out the bottom of the front cover. The top of the front cover will then come free.

Rear Cover

  • At the top of the rear cover are two thumb-screws. Loosen these a few turns to disengage the latches (the screws are captive so should not be removed completely... stop turning when you feel increased resistance). If it is hard to turn the screws, or the latches do not disengage, you may need to press-in the rear panel beside each screw while turning.

  • Once the latches are disengaged, tilt out the top of the rear panel and lift.

Re-assembly notes:

  • fully loosen the thumbscrews (counterclockwise)
  • ensure the inner latches on the thumbscrews are horizontal before closing the panel
  • check the slots in the chassis that receive the bottom of the back panel are not obscured by the card cage (if so, the card cage is not fully inserted)

Card Cage

Card cage removal/installation is best done while facing the rear of the Lisa.

  • Remove the rear cover.

  • Just behind the connector panel, there is a horizontal bar. Grab this bar at each end with your fingers, place your thumbs on the chassis below the connector panel, and pull with your fingers while pressing with your thumbs.


CPU Board, I/O Board, Memory Board

Re-installation notes:

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Drive Cage

Re-installation notes:

Expansion Slot Card

Top Cover

Danger: Removing the top cover will expose the high voltage and implosion hazards of the CRT. Proceed at your own risk*

When working around a Lisa with top cover removed, take suitable precautions including:

  • Remove the front cover and the card cage.

  • At the rear of the top cover, there are two screws inserted from below. They are accessible from the card cage area via round holes punched in the chassis. After removing these screws, lift the rear of the top cover and unhook it from the front of the chassis.

Video Board

Danger: See the warnings regarding the top cover*

During this procedure, be very careful to not apply stress to the CRT. The neck is fragile and easily broken, causing an implosion and flying glass

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