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The 4 port serial card includes two DB25 connectors on the card, and two headers for ribbon cables that go to a back panel plate to provide two additional DB25 connectors.

Drivers for this card are included only in Lisa Xenix, no other operating systems support this card.

This card does not include a ROM, and does not show up in the "Startup From" menu.

This card was made by Tecmar.

Using the 4 port serial card with Xenix 3.0

Install Tecmar card in slot 3, JPR set to X4, SW1 all on.

Boot Xenix into maintenance mode and type:

This will automatically create Then

Connect terminal(s) to Tecmar card, 9600 baud.

tty20 = P2 (DB25 lower)
tty21 = P1 (DB25 upper)
tty22 = P4 (header lower)
tty23 = P3 (header upper)

Thanks to Guido Deiana for his assistance in getting this working!

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