[LisaFAQ] > [Hardware] > [Expansion Slots] Lisa Office System Won't see my Two Port Parallel Card in some slots (error 10737), what can I do?

This is a normal characteristic of the Lisa OS, which is not "plug-and-play". The Lisa OS does not automatically recognize hardware changes such as adding more drives (even though the ROM is happy to try to boot from a newly installed card).

In the default LOS installation, only slot 2 is configured in the preferences to contain a dual parallel card, and only the lower port of slot 2 is configured to have a ProFile connected.

The resolution is to temporarily connect your drive to the lower port of slot 2 (or to the built-in port), boot LOS from that drive, and edit the LOS "preferences" to specify that a dual parallel card and ProFile are attached to the desired slot and port. Then you can shut down, move the card and/or drive, and start up from it.

Source: James MacPhail / LisaList 2006.05.26

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