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Two SCSI interfaces were developed for the Lisa running MacWorks Plus or MacWorks Plus II. SCSI drivers are not available for the Lisa Office System, Workshop, Xenix, or other environments.

1. The Sun Remarketing SCSI expansion card provides an internal 50 pin connector and a DB25 external connector like the Macintosh Plus. These cards have soldered-in terminator resistors which may need to be removed for reliable operation of some internal+external device configurations. Some of these cards were sold with a hard-drive installed on the card.

The Sun Remarketing SCSI card.

Startup from the SCSI card.

The QuickBoot ROM and PAL chip which allows for booting.

2. The original XLerator has an optional SCSI port. A cable provides a rear panel DB25 connector. Since this port is accessible at the full speed of the 16 MHz CPU, it is sometimes substantially faster than the expansion card SCSI port, depending on the drivers in use.

In general, those SCSI devices that work with the Macintosh Plus will also work with a Lisa SCSI port running MacWorks Plus/II.

Potential Problems

Specific unusual devices known to work:

Specific devices known to NOT work (although success may be possible with a particular driver version):

Faralon EtherMac Microscsi Ethernet Adapter.

Dayna SCSI Port.

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