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3.3.1. What does the Lisa's Hardware consist of?

Almost all of the hardware inside the Lisa is easily user replaceable (the CRT + video card are the exceptions). It is also one of the first machines to support software controlled power on/off and floppy ejection. The Lisa is self contained except for a detached keyboard and mouse, with optional external peripherals (modems, external drives, printers.)

There are four common off-the-shelf Lisa configurations that were available from Apple dealers:

One or more external 5 MB or 10 MB ProFiles could also be added to any of the above.

Most Lisa configurations are unusable without a hard disk, so Lisa 1 and Lisa 2 units were typically sold with an external 5 MB ProFile (hence the Lisa 2 with ProFile is also known as a Lisa 2/5).

When MacWorks XL was introduced, it became possible to use a Lisa or Mac XL without a hard disk, so some units were sold without the ProFile.

Other combinations are possible since upgrades from Lisa1 to Lisa2's were offered as well as upgrades from Lisa2's to Mac XL's.

When Apple stopped selling the Lisa, much of the excess inventory was sold by Sun Remarketing in various configurations.

Due to the ambiguity about what a particular name represents (for example, a Macintosh XL may or may not have the internal 10 MB Widget depending on local conventions), some documents refer to an X/Lisa to indicate any of the above.

The Lisa family included the following hardware:

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