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3.3.2. What kind of Lisa do I have?

Lisa 1

Lisa 1's have two Apple designed and manufactured 5.25" double sided 860KB floppy drives called Twiggies. The Lisa 1 is very rare because most of them were upgraded to Lisa 2's, since the Twiggy drives were unreliable.

Lisa 2

The Lisa 2 has a single 3.5" floppy drive (where the lower Twiggy drive used to exist), these come in two primary flavors - the Original Lisa 2, and the Lisa 2/10.

Common features:

The stock Lisa 2 has a single sided (400K) Sony floppy drive.

A third-party upgrade provided a double sided (800K) floppy drive (Sony or Chinon) instead. These 800K drives are only supported by MacWorks Plus, MacWorks Plus II, and in MacWorks XL 3.0 using the HFS-AL software package.

Original Lisa 2

The Lisa 2 has a parallel port on the rear beside the mouse connector, it does not have an interrupt switch.

Lisa 2/10

The motherboard and I/O boards for these are different for the Lisa 2/10. The motherboard does not have an external parallel port beside the mouse connector (it is routed internally to the drive cage). It does have an interrupt switch beside the Serial B connector. The I/O board shows up as ROM version 88 and has a single chip Integrated Wozniak Machine (IWM) chip. It lacks the NiCAD battery pack.

Macintosh XL

The term "Macintosh XL" is ambiguous. Depending on local convention, it may mean:

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