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The COP421 controller, which keeps the Lisa's time, has a limitation of a single nibble (4 bit value ranging from 0 - 15) for the year. Since the Lisa was built in the 1980's, Apple used 1980 as the base year in the Lisa Office System, so the clock can only be set from 1980-1995.

MacWorks Plus II originally used a base year of 1988, so the clock could be set between 1988 and 2003. A modification is available to change the base year as required.

The Lisa will maintain time only as long as it is plugged in. When unplugged, the time will be lost immediately (unless the I/O board has working batteries which will maintain the time for a few hours at most).

That said, please ensure that you have removed the 4-AA NiCAD battery pack from the I/O board of your Lisa. If your Lisa still has one that hasn't yet leaked, you're very lucky! Remove it ASAP! Do this right now! When it leaks, it will destroy your I/O board

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