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3.14.3. What are the Apple shortcut keys in the Lisa Boot ROM?

If the Lisa's parameter memory is valid, and a default startup drive preference has been set, the Lisa will attempt to boot off that drive. Later revision ROMs will attempt to boot from the built-in parallel port if the parameter memory is invalid.

You can prevent the Lisa from automatically starting up by not powering on the ProFile hard drive on a Lisa 2/5, or pressing any key other than the CapsLock key after the first click that you hear.

Hold Apple and press one of:

1 Upper Twiggy drive on Lisa 1, or Widget Hard Drive on 2/10
2 Lower Twiggy or 3.5" Floppy Drive
3 Built-in parallel port (external ProFile, or internal Widget)
4 Slot 1 lower connector
5 Slot 1 upper connector
6 Slot 2 lower connector
7 Slot 2 upper connector
8 Slot 3 lower connector
9 Slot 3 upper connector

The upper/lower nomenclature is applicable to the Dual Parallel Port card.

For some expansion card ROMs (eg. QuickBoot, LSAC), upper/lower is a misnomer. In this case, the lower number invokes normal startup, while the higher number may be an alternate (eg. in the case of QuickBoot and LSAC in a machine with two SCSI ports: "use the other SCSI port").

Other keys:

Apple and Enter (on keypad) aborts boot. Apple and Shift P - aborts boot, do power cycling.

Source: Lisa Owner's Guide and ROM source

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