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3.13.1. How can I connect my Lisa to an AppleTalk network?

The MacWorks variants support AppleTalk (later renamed LocalTalk/EtherTalk to differentiate the physical layer from the software layer). If you are using MacWorks is well worth the small effort to get it working.

Since it takes a long time to make, read, and swap floppies, AppleTalk is a great way to move software to a Lisa running MacWorks. eg. Installing System 7 is much easier if you install a minimum System 6 with AppleShare client from floppies, then use AppleTalk to mount and run the System 7 Network Install from another Mac (or copy the System 7 installer images to the Lisa for use with a disk image mounter).

The other Lisa environments do not support AppleTalk. There was an "AppleNet" card for the Lisa, but it did not reach commercial distribution; it was the predecessor to AppleTalk.

Original AppleTalk

The original AppleTalk cabling system was later renamed LocalTalk. Farallon made a similar system named PhoneNet, which can be used instead.

The Lisa's Serial B port supports the differential transmit/receive signals required for AppleTalk.

Apple sold an AppleTalk connector kit with a DB25 connector for use with the Lisa, however these are rare. You can make a DB25 adapter to use an AppleTalk connector that has a Macintosh DE9 or Macintosh Plus MiniDIN connector on your Lisa.

Equivalent Pins for LocalTalk cabling

Signal DB25 DE9 MiniDIN 8
TxD - 2 5 3
RxD - 3 9 5
RxD + 19 8 8
TxD + 20 4 6
GND 7 1, 3 4

If you don't have any LocalTalk/PhoneNet transformer boxes, you can make a two computer network by connecting TxD+ on computer A to RxD+ on Computer B, etc.

AppleTalk over Ethernet

If you have a SCSI interface, you can use one of the SCSI-Ethernet adapters. Asante and Farallon adapters have been found to work, others will probably work too if they are compatible with the Macintosh Plus.

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