1.1. About this FAQ

This FAQ attempts to gather knowledge about the Apple Lisa computer in a central place, whether technical or historical.

The goal is to provide information that helps preserve existing Apple Lisa computers, aids in their repair, as well as provides historical and educational information about this historically significant machine.

Lisa used to be a trademark of Apple, Inc. Since I'm not a lawyer, I don't know the current status of this trademark, and ask that if Apple still holds this trademark, that you optionally visualize a trademark symbol following every instance of the word Lisa, Apple, Apple ]&Macintosh, iPod, PowerBook, MacBook Pro, ad vomitus, ditto for other registered or non-registered trademarks. Information in this FAQ was gathered from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, web searches for the words "Apple Lisa", the LisaList, David T. Craig's Lisa archives, various articles, books, the Sun Remarketing Lisa and Mac XL Do it Yourself Guide , personal knowledge and experience, and other materials that I've forgotten. Some of the documents were quoted verbatim, others paraphrased, so that they would better fit the FAQ format. In every instance, except for the knowledge in the backs of our minds, credit to the source was given. This FAQ is not connected with, nor sponsored by any commercial entities. Any mention of products, stores, websites, etc. is purely for informational use, because I've heard about it, or have used it. There are no commercial interests in anything listed herein. (i.e. the page listing 3.5" floppies.) If you find anything you'd like to add, or have corrections, suggestions, flames, or spam, please send them by email to mailto:lisafaq@sunder.net. Information in this FAQ is believed to be accurate, but might not be. Links to websites outside of this domain such as those to online stores (for example, the page listing 3.5" floppies) may vanish without notice or reason. Some of the repairs and procedures listed here are inherently dangerous as they involve work with high voltage components. Proceede with caution, and apply all possible precautions, but note that you do so at your own risk whether your have read this disclaimer or not. (Whatever happened to being responsible for your own actions? i.e. not jumping off a cliff because you saw it on Simpsons episode?) Donations of Lisa hardware (or other historical computer equipment), modern computers (AMD64, UltraSparc IV, MacBook Pro's or Powerbooks preferred), ipods, software, books, or good ol'e hard cash are very gladly accepted.

Information in this FAQ was gathered from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, web searches for the words "Apple Lisa", the

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