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4.4.2. How do I copy files to or from floppies with the Lisa Office System?

If you try to simply highlight icons and drag them from the floppy to the hard drive, you'll find that you're actually moving them.

Instead, highlight all of the icons on the floppy, then go to the File/Print menu and select duplicate. The Lisa will quickly create blinking copies of those icons (without actually duplicating the documents just yet.) Then use the mouse to drag the blinking copies of the icons to the hard drive.

The Lisa will then begin copying the files. Note that you cannot mix and match normal files with files that are split across several floppies (such as the American Dictionary on the LisaWrite floppy.) Instead, you'll have to first duplicate the normal files manually, and later transfer the split files. When copying a split file, the Lisa will eject the floppy and ask you for the next floppy to retrieve the next piece of that file.

Note that if you attempt to copy Office Tools such as LisaTerminal from a virgin disk, the Lisa will serialize both the copy on the floppy and the copy on the ProFile. This will prevent you from using that tool with another Lisa, because the other Lisa has a different serial number than the one you've copied LisaTerminal onto. (This was an early form of DRM copy protection.)

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