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MacWorks Plus provides the equivalent of the Macintosh Plus 128K ROMs, enabling the support of many new features in Apple System software that would not run with MacWorks XL.

The last commonly available version of MacWorks Plus is 1.0.18. Further development was done up to version 1.1h. Subsequent development became MacWorks Plus II.

MacWorks Plus 1.0.18 and 1.1h includes support for:

MacWorks Plus requires the 800K drive upgrade (double sided 3.5" drive + an updated ROM for the I/O Board).

All versions of MacWorks Plus work with and without the screen modification kit.


There are 3 well known patches for bugs in MacWorks Plus 1.0.18. Dafax Processing Corp. provided the patched version to their customers labelled as 1.0.18x.

To apply the patches:

a) In (a copy of) the MacWorks Plus Installer, use Fedit or an equivalent and look in the DATA fork to search for the "find" data (in hex), and replace with the data shown.

b) Use the modified installer to 'Update MacWorks' on your parallel port hard disk, and restart to load it.


1. Address the "extra line feed per page" printing bug:
   Find (once): 
   7210 6100 03E4 47EA 007C 2A9B
   Replace with
   720E 6100 .... (only change the first word)

2. Address the bug which would cause a hard disk access in progress to fail when the screen contrast changed:
   Find (once):
   2F0C 287C 00FC D901 08EC 0002 0010 08D4 0002 197C
   00FF 0018 1944 0008 08EC 0007 0010 0894 0007 08D4
   0007 08AC 0007 0010 422C 0018 0894 0002 285F 4E75
   Replace with:
   2F0C 287C 00FC D901 002C 0088 0010 1F2C 0078 1F2C
   0018 1F14 0894 0003 197C 00FF 0018 1944 0078 0894
   0007 08D4 0007 189F 195F 0018 195F 0078 285F 4E75

3. Address the bug that causes a spontaneous shutdown during serial port access:
   Find (once):
   0300 207C 00FC DD81 2248 2448 5C4A
   Replace with
   0700 207C .... (only change the first word)

MacWorks Plus was developed by Charles Lukaszewski and marketed by Sun Remarketing Inc.

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