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4.6.1. What software do I need to use my Lisa on an AppleTalk network?

The MacWorks variants support AppleTalk (later renamed LocalTalk).

MacWorks XL 3.0

InfoSphere developed a product called XL/Serve - the first file and print server software for the Macintosh product line.

The server portion of the software requires a Lisa running MacWorks XL 3.0 (since the Macs at the time only had 128K which isn't enough). The server software includes a serial number for network copy protection, but clients are not limited.

XL/Serve includes client Desk Accessory software which can be used on other Lisas running MacWorks XL, as well as on the 128K Macintosh and up.

XL/Serve was renamed MacServe, which will run on Macs that have enough memory.

LaserServe is a successor product that provides spooling software for AppleTalk network printers such as the original LaserWriter.

MacWorks Plus and MacWorks Plus II

These are known to work:

These are the most popular products of the time, others (that are compatible with the Mac Plus) may work too.

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