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1. About this FAQ

1.1. About this FAQ

2. Historical Information

2.1. What is the Apple Lisa? 2.2. What books mention, or are about the Lisa? 2.3. What Lisa Websites are out there?

3. Hardware

3.1. My Lisa doesn't work. What general things can I check or do? 3.2. What hardware upgrades exist for the Lisa?

3.3. Lisa Hardware Introduction

3.3.1. What does the Lisa's Hardware consist of? 3.3.2. What kind of Lisa do I have?

3.4. Chassis

3.4.1. How do I clean my Lisa's yellowed case? 3.4.2. How do I take apart the Lisa?

3.5. Expansion Slots

3.5.1. Lisa Office System and Expansion Slots Lisa Office System Won't see my Two Port Parallel Card in some slots (error 10737), what can I do?

3.5.2. Dual Parallel Card What are the characteristics of the Dual Parallel Port Card?

3.5.3. Quad Serial Card What are the characteristics of the 4 port serial card?

3.5.4. SCSI Interfaces and Devices What SCSI devices work with the Lisa?

3.6. Floppy Drives

3.6.1. The floppy drive refuses to eject, or I can't insert a floppy in it. How do I repair it?

3.7. Hard Drives

3.7.1. How do I low level format my ProFile hard drive?

3.7.2. Hard Drive Problems At startup Lisa shows a hard drive error 81, what can I do? My Profile or Widget drive shows error 84 (or another) on boot. How do I repair it?

3.7.3. ProFile External Hard Drives What kind of cable should I use between the Lisa and my ProFile drive? Where can I get a replacement ProFile or Widget Hard Drive? My ProFile is very loud, how do I fix it?

3.7.4. Widget Internal Hard Drives How do I replace a Widget Drive? What does a working Widget Hard Drive sound like?

3.8. The Lisa I/O Board

3.8.1. My Lisa has an I/O board that has a four pack of NiCAD AA batteries, what should I do? 3.8.2. What's different on the Lisa 1 I/O board? 3.8.3. Will a Lisa 2/10 I/O board work in a Lisa 2/5?

3.8.4. COP421 Control Oriented Processor Why can't I set my Lisa's clock?

3.9. Keyboard

3.9.1. How do I repair my Lisa's keyboard?

3.10. Floppy, Twiggy, and Tape media used with the Lisa

3.10.1. Floppy Media How do I make floppy disks for use with my Lisa? Where can I find 3.5" DS/DD Media for my Lisa?

3.10.2. Twiggy (FileWare) Media What's known about Twiggy media?

3.11. Power Supply and Power issues

3.11.1. How do I switch the power supply to work at 110V or 230V? 3.11.2. My Lisa doesn't power on and makes ticking sounds or whines when I press the power button. What is wrong? 3.11.3. How is the Lisa Power Supply Adjusted? 3.11.4. How do I check the voltages on my power supply? 3.11.5. There is more than one kind of Lisa Power Supply, which one do I have? 3.11.6. The light in my Lisa power switch has burned out, can I replace it? 3.11.7. My Lisa power supply is bad, how do I repair it?

3.12. Printers

3.12.1. How should I set the Apple Daisy Wheel Printer DIP switches? 3.12.2. What Apple Daisy Wheel Printer font wheels were available? 3.12.3. How should I set my ImageWriter dip switches? 3.12.4. What printers can I use with my Lisa?

3.13. Serial Ports

3.13.1. How can I connect my Lisa to an AppleTalk network?

3.14. Lisa ROMs

3.14.1. What do the error beeps mean? 3.14.2. I got an error from the POST ROM, what does it mean? 3.14.3. What are the Apple shortcut keys in the Lisa Boot ROM? 3.14.4. How do I enter Service Mode in the Lisa's ROM? 3.14.5. What ROM versions are there?

3.15. Memory

3.15.1. The self-test fails at the memory board icon and reports Error 70 or 71, can it be fixed? 3.15.2. How do I tell how much memory my Lisa has?

3.16. Video and CRT

3.16.1. My Lisa's video display is unstable, how do I fix it? 3.16.2. My Lisa's video display shows a bright reflected image at the side, what causes this? 3.16.3. How do I replace the Video Board? 3.16.4. My Lisa's display is wavy, wobbly, or shows worms/ripples. How can I fix it?

4. Lisa Software

4.1. What Operating Systems does the Lisa Support? 4.2. How do I get to the Environments Window? 4.3. How do I turn my Lisa into a webserver?

4.4. Lisa Office System

4.4.1. What are the characteristics of the Lisa Office System? 4.4.2. How do I copy files to or from floppies with the Lisa Office System? 4.4.3. Does the Lisa really have DRM? 4.4.4. Lisa Office System gave me this numeric error. What does it mean? 4.4.5. What is the equivalent of fsck / scandsk / chkdsk / Disk First Aid for Lisa Office System, and how do I run it? 4.4.6. How do I get screenshots or print outs of the Lisa Screen while in Lisa Office System?

4.4.7. Lisa Office System HowTo's How do I use LisaWrite, LisaProject, or any of the other Office Tools? It says something about stationary.

4.5. Lisa Workshop

4.5.1. What are the characteristics of the Lisa Workshop?

4.6. MacWorks

4.6.1. What software do I need to use my Lisa on an AppleTalk network? 4.6.2. I got a Sad Mac error from MacWorks, what does it mean?

4.6.3. MacWorks XL What are the characteristics of MacWorks XL?

4.6.4. MacWorks Plus What are the characteristics of MacWorks Plus?

4.6.5. MacWorks Plus II What are the characteristics of MacWorks Plus II?

4.7. Microsoft/SCO Xenix

4.7.1. What are the characteristics of Lisa Xenix?
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